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Dancer Madhu & Poser Sriram

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

First of all , i have to start with madhu's dad Birla. Such a sweet person i ever met very friendly. whenever we have a conversation with him, he will use the kanna for atleast 5 times .Madhu's mom is easy person to co-ordinate.

Madhu is so silent and always smiley face (*photographs will explain that ).Most of the time she will be on surprising expressions like a thug "oh man, i am Bharathanatiyam Dancer "

Sriram looked like very reserved person at the first. After few seconds we realized he is very very soft and flexible person to go on . for getting ready shoot we had session with him, he was like "bro i am not into this kind of activities and i am not a good poser " and on the very first click of him we were amazed the attitude he has .

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