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Baby Shoots

Make sure your new-born baby's first moments are immortalised. 

Your life is changed forever when a child is born. From new-born to graduation and family portraits, capture priceless memories. Affordably priced modern baby shoots professional photography.


New Born Photographer in chennai

Babies are adorable tiny people. Each of their adorable qualities is worth photographing. Babies are delicate beings who never stay still in one location for long. They continue to rotate and move. They don't want to sit down somewhere with absolutely no facial emotions. However, for us, a single instant is all we need, and a child's vulnerability is just a bonus. They do the cutest things, and it's easy to record all of their adorable little antics. The photographer must first establish a relationship with the youngster in order to achieve the desired results from the kid photography. Once a new born is at ease, new born photography can provide stunning results.

Greetings from LK Photography

The best newborn & Babyshoots photography in Chennai is offered by LK Photography to document those tiny angles that brighten your day. In order to get the most out of your new baby photography sessions, reserve your dates in advance. Within 25 days of the baby's birth is the ideal time to conduct the shoot.

The infant can be wrapped more easily, and they are extremely at ease inside the supports. You can pick from a variety of covers and setups that we offer. We give you plenty of time in advance to select your own set ups. Additionally, you bring some stunning photographs of your child wrapped up home.

"A baby's yearning for love is innate and never outgrows it"

Contact us today for more information, and book your slots! We are more than thrilled to work with your little munchkin!

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