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Our Brahmin wedding photographers specialize in their particular field and concentrate on the

meaningful rituals and memories they evoke. We provide all services related to Brahmin wedding photography in Chennai. 

LK Photography is a photography business that captures the pristinely lovely moments that round your heart as well as the exuberant and joyful times in your life. We are renowned Brahmin wedding photographers in Chennai who offer a wide variety of images and movies/teasers to ensure that all of your precious memories are captured, leaving you on cloud nine.

The wedding is scheduled according to auspicious times and appropriately carried out by our knowledgeable pandits. These nuptial ceremonies are captured by our talented and professional Brahmin photographers. We take great care to ensure that "all traditions are captured in spirit", which is our unique service built upon years of unrivaled experience and competence. 

We look beyond the couple since, in our culture, marriage unites families rather than just the couple. The funnier parts of the wedding, such as the Mehendi ritual, welcome the groom, nalangu, and other customs, add to the entertainment and highlight the richness of our weddings, which is a distinctive feature of Brahmin weddings in Chennai that is praised by people throughout the world.

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Tradition & Emotions

A Brahmin wedding can span two to three days since there are so many ceremonies involved, each one exquisitely beautiful and filled with symbolic meaning. The Nischyadaartham signals the start of the wedding ceremonies, which continue through the Kanyadaanam and the

Sapta-padhi. Families might get together at a wedding to celebrate the married couple and strengthen their bonds. View the various ceremonies and charming unscripted moments from our collection of Brahmin weddings.


Best images! the images that you can later use to continue your social media snapping spree. You will be unable to take your eyes off what LK Photography offers you. Each photograph captures the spirit of your unforgettable wedding day. Each image becomes a work of art to be displayed since the vibe and the overall ambiance are so nicely conveyed. LK Photography Chennai will make sure to capture even the smallest expressions, such as your grandparents laughing as they watch you and your groom dance to some weird English tunes during the sangeet ceremony. He will then send you a complete visual feast of the moments he has gathered.

The most professional Iyer and Iyengar wedding photographer in Arni, Thiruvannamalai, Vellore, Arcot and Chennai is LK Photography, and he will be your best buddy throughout this celebration. To tell the story, they catch minute details and combine all the images. Every image has a story to tell, and your wedding has a lengthy narrative that develops over the course of the next few days.

What’s our story? Our tale is yours. We tell the tale of how you first met, how you fell in love, and how you decided to spend the rest of your life together. Millions of real grins reflecting sincere love are the subject of our tale. Everything you want from a story is in ours.

We overindulge, pamper, take additional precautions, obsess over minutiae, and are just like everyone else in that we want your wedding to be the best event of your life and want to be there to make sure you get to relive it. We are equally as important to your wedding as your family. LK Photography Arni, Thiruvannamalai, Vellore, Arcot and Chennai is who we are. No matter the venue, we provide first-rate wedding photography and cinematography services. Over 200 couples have entrusted us to help them document their important day, and each one of them has held a particular place in our hearts. Talk to us now about the wedding of your dreams.

TamBrahm wedding photography - Chennai

It is our responsibility to capture the most stunning moments in time because they only last for a fleeting second. The Wedding Moments offers a team of the best wedding photographers in Chennai to work at your wedding and tell a beautiful love tale. We firmly think that beautiful images are produced when the photographer is aware of their intended audience, which makes us the greatest Brahmin candid photographers.

Pre-Wedding Photographers in Chennai – Brahmin Community 

Pre-wedding photography is a brief picture shoot done in advance of the wedding. To practice posing for the camera, this shoot is being done. Many couples struggle with photo phobia and are unsure of how to pose for shots during their major events.

Pre-wedding photography is therefore required. This is a wonderful event that results in beautiful portraits of you and your future spouse taken before the wedding.

Pre-wedding photography in Chennai aims to capture the couples' genuine, in-the-moment feelings and natural expressions.


The best candid wedding photography and videography services are offered by LK PHOTOGRAPHY in and around Chennai, Arni, Thiruvannamalai and Vellore, Arcot at reasonable rates.

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