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Iyangar Maami KNOCKED him

Hello Everyone , This is going to be my first blog post and yes its super fun to write about this Bride Maha & Groom Vinith :)

Our first talk was during 2017 feb, on the very first call she used to be very easy to discuss. And i met on July and blocked our dates for her wedding on the same day had a meeting with Vinith . i called him for the route & heard a voice with high bass and bossy.i taught ok he is going to be very formal & strict officer :P finally the meet went good.

On the wedding day , Me & My team entered into her room to take getting ready shots got few of her shots in hurry suddenly the groom arrived to her room for his touch up & stuffs.

In couple of minutes Vinith & Mahalakshmi started arguing about Maha's Dad. My first taught was oops this could be issue now and thats why i hate Arrange Marriages. As usual vinith voice was bossy so in this argument Maha Knocked him :P thats were husband material qualified.

And the event went well , end of the session there was a surprise for me & my team "This is Love marriage" and that too came from vinith's bass voice in very friendly manner :)

Confession : Vinith is very cool person & chill personally experienced.

And what she hates ?

The saree for the outdoor session because the idea of shoot in temple with this attire was came from vinith . For the whole session she was like i would have been better in modern outfits.

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