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Pick the right wardrobe for your pre-wedding shoot

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

You want to capture this early-stage love in a pre-wedding photo shoot because you want to remember it forever. However, how will you style it?

While they are certain of their wedding trousseau, one of the most often inquiries we receive from soon-to-be-weds is, "What should we wear to the engagement shoot?" Since the photo session isn't as "formal" as the wedding, it should capture your personalities and tell the tale of your love in its most authentic, unposed manner.

LK Photography provides a helpful set of suggestions that will help you not only look your best but also, most significantly, enjoy your shoot after seeing and counselling hundreds of young couples!

It's never simple to decide what to wear, and when it comes to pre-wedding pictures, it can be an absolutely impossible issue. You have a range of clothing options to pick from, but as is often the case, having too many options can also be problematic.

On your wedding day, there isn't much room for experimenting. But that's why pre-wedding picture sessions exist! On your pre-wedding photo shoot, you can play around with your attire, settings, and so on.

It can be the ideal method to share your own tale and make it as personal as you can. For your pre-wedding photo shoot, you could consider the following dress options:

1. Be familiar with your pre-wedding locale

The setting should always be considered when choosing a pre-wedding clothing. The setting and environment have a big impact on what you wear. For instance, bright colours like red or white would be ideal if you were filming on a field of grass.

2. Demonstrate your style

For your pre-wedding, consider dressing in clothes that reflect your relationship. If you define yourself by being unorthodox, don't be afraid to try it. Bring out the bold accessories and vivid colours.

Our advice is that you wear something semi-formal or casual, and make sure that you both coordinate in terms of colour and style of clothes.

3. Ensure that you sync

In your pre-wedding photo shoot, colour combinations are key. Make sure your colours match and that you are both in harmony.

He could wish to wear navy blue if she is wearing pink, for instance, and black if she is wearing green. These pairings make sure that neither of you stands out alone but rather enhances the other.

4. Feel at ease

If wearing your hair down is your style, wear comfy clothing that you can move around in. You cannot have fun if you are preoccupied with thoughts about how you appear or getting your clothing dirty. Keep in mind that pre-wedding photo sessions should be enjoyable and representative of your relationship. Choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable because this will undoubtedly show in your photographs.

We advise you to look through Pinterest for outfit ideas. Make use of various search queries to get some incredible outfit concepts.

5. Be official/formal

This is a reasonably safe wager that can enhance your appearance. Although pre-wedding photo shoots aren't meant to be the venue for formals, it can occasionally work. You definitely can't go wrong with this one because the bride will look stunning in her gown and the groom will look dashing in a tux.

6. Try a shoot with a Punjabi theme

A kurta pyjama for the groom and a salwar kameez for the bride are a match made in heaven, which is why this is so common in the north. If you're game, you may have an actual Punjabi appearance for your pre-wedding in a stunning setting with a view of the other side of the coast, and that's a sight to behold.

Yes, we are aware that this picture is of a wedding, but it really looks nice when we take away the wedding decorations and replace the background with a stunning scene from an exotic resort.

7. Stick to tradition

Why not give guests a brief taster before the wedding itself? You may get a preview of your wedding by doing this. Nevertheless, since it's a pre-wedding photo session, you can experiment and incorporate some silly features to make it appear more relaxed. Hey, not all of the pictures you take make it into the pre-wedding album anyway, so why not try some different things.

8. Select simple and solid colours

If you're trying to decide on a colour for your pre-wedding attire, we advise going with a solid pastel shade because it gives off a really elegant and contemporary appearance.

Solid navy blue and vivid red, as seen in the pre-wedding photo above, are excellent colour choices to make because they offer the subject matter a more traditional and opulent appearance in the photographs.

9. When in doubt, wear denim and white

Too perplexed? Say no more; simple white is always a good choice. Your pre-wedding photos will likely look amazing with a plain white blouse and denim. If you and your partner are reasonably young, it will also look casual and give you the freedom to experiment.

10. Check if the level of your attire is in sync

You run the danger of looking out of sync if she is dressed in a formal gown and he is wearing casual attire. It cannot be emphasised enough that if you want something formal, both of you must be dressed appropriately. If you're going for a casual vibe, make sure both of you are choosing casual clothing.

If you are still uncertain about what to wear, we advise you to speak with your photographer to have a better idea. If you only want to take a few photo shoots, we can help you acquire the best pictures, which we know you will treasure forever. If that's the case, feel free to contact us at this link to inquire.


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