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Saravana & Manjula <3

Updated: Feb 16

Again These Amazing Epic Couple :)

Saravanan & Manjula, Sometimes words can't express how happy we were to shoot these Couples :) Always we love to shoot people who are Expressive & True and These are the One :) Whenever you speak with Saravanan you can feel the brotherhood feeling. During the Shoot, we felt the happy vibes from all the faces :)

Marriage is a social, legal, relationship system. Marriage is for many reasons such as family, sex, reproduction, economy. Marriage takes place between two or more human beings. Marriage is a life contract between a man and a woman. A moral system in which the welfare of human society is considered by man. Although marriage is a universal norm for the human race, there are different rules and regulations regarding marriage between different cultural groups. And marriage is a kind of bond that gives birth to a new offspring. Smell is the act by which a man and a woman get to know each other in order to be bound to each other and to lead their lives collectively.

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