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Simple Things Make Your Wedding Elite :)

How to Plan an Elite Look Wedding on Budget?

In 2021 South Indian weddings getting simple but everyone wants to look elite. Looking elite is a simple process but we are not ready to break the box. Let's see 5 things that make your wedding more memorable, unique, and elite.

Thing No 1

Colour of your Cloths * (MUST)

Yes, Even We photographers Bored with the same Red/Violet/Maron lehengas. Break the Mood with colors / Patterns. Grandeur is not defined by how much your lehenga or saree filled the designs.

Actually, it defines how the design is

How the color is

How the material is

Choice wisely / Call your photographer get ideas from them and be strict to their idea :) No photographer wants you to look bad on your Big Day :)

No 2 - Venue Selection

The venue is where you are making the Memories of Big Day :)

Don’t be easy on your Venue just like it's a place to accommodate the Guest. It's where your wedding is happening :)

And it doesn’t mean it should vast space or expensive space. It can be a farmhouse, it can be an open space, it can be mandap

Wherever choose a space which is bright, Good Interior.

3 - WEDDING Decoration :) (MUST)

It can be any space Decor is one Main factor that can help you to plan an Elite Wedding. Since South India is a place we don’t have options other than Wedding halls the very possible way is Decor. A Simple Decor can change boost your outlook. Choosing the color theme is the most important factor.

4 - BRIDAL Makeup

Makeup is one where our brides still on confusion. Be clear my bride having glowing makeup doesn’t make u feel beautiful. Keep your makeup subtle which makes the guest feel your real beauty. Wearing too highlighted makeup will definitely hurt you in the future Don’t give it a chance.

And Finally

Wedding Photographers.

The Above Mentioned things might not work well but a good photographer can fix it while shooting not on Post Production (don’t ask your photographer to clean things on post ) No offensive.

Choose your photographer with a clear idea. Whether you like their style, color tone, album, and filming style. Please consider your photographer before choosing the Decor & Cloths. Sometimes a person from our team will go shopping with the client :D

And The Truth is

My dear Bride and Groom planning a wedding is an amazing moment of your life. Even Simple Wedding Will cost you 5-8 lakhs and Making them Elite might cost 50k - 1L add-on but Definitely, it Worth it. Nobody Wanna Look at regular wedding photos at our age of 50 :)

Plan your Happy Wedding

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