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Ambi Venkat & Architect Dharshini .

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Arun is a good friend of mine who booked the dates for Dharshini but myself and my wife had a first meet with Venkat who is completely formal guy. We gave him the sample photobook usually clients will be having lots of doubts to clarify like what kind of sheet you will be printing for us and more , but here he just looked the albums told me we are super cool with you we can proceed for the shoots and this was happened during oct 2017.

During jan we planned for a pre-wedding shoot and we pumped to venkat car for early morning shoot . that is the first time we are meeting dharshini & her sister i was like this car is super silent (ok this shoot is going to be boring ). In Another half an hour we picked the first for photohoot & thats were the story begins with us :)

Confession : I am a chatter box (LK)

We started conversations about dharshini's profession & she is an ARCHITECT .

after few mins she said " summa irunga only architect know the pain to get degree".

After 7.30 am we got disclaimer bro we have to close the shoot before the sun getting hot ,because She is sun light allergic in another hour her skin became pink but thats fine we packed .While retuning home Dharshini's called them about know where are they & stuffs and thats is the rapid fire session with them ,and the questions like boom boom boom ...

Finally the Wedding day

Since this was an Tambram wedding ritual all done on the first half day .suddenly these nadhaswaram team got the boost and opened the dance floor especially for venkats brother.

Me & my team stunned with the fun.

Ambi Venkat was very fun loving guy thats why his cousins presented a gift but none of us don't know what is in it (, he celebrated every moment of his wedding more than dharshini .

He & his brother was whistling ,dancing and enjoyed

still We want to knw what was in the gift :P

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