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Happy Wedding of Babu & Vidhya 💚.

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Actually, Babu came to me "Thala febla Wedding irukku unga terms solunga" that's where every Client Conversation Begins but I felt he is very easy friendly because the word 'Thala'.

Bro / Ji are Words, Thala / Nanba is Emotion :P

And then We had a meeting at Our Office. That's Where We got Very Exciting his Family is completely filled with Exciting People.

This Is the first Wedding we shot the whole wedding with One & only Sony A7M3. While on Pre Production I decided to know the Real Colour Science Sony Cameras. Yes, it's been Great.No Extra Lights except 2-3 Couple Portraits, other than that the real story always needs the reality.

*Whoever looking for clean portraits & Dramatic Shots this is not the blog for you . Sorry.will meet you on next Blog*

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