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With passion, pride, and accuracy, LK Photography is a premium pre-wedding photography and videography company. We are situated in Chennai and offer our skilled photographic services across the nation. We have traveled alongside our clients, recording and immortalizing memories. Our skilled staff of traditional and candid photographers is prepared to capture the ideal moment by fusing imagination and creativity with reality. Our goal is to use photography to communicate intuitive impressions.

Every frame is meticulously put together by our exceptionally talented crew, producing memories that will last a lifetime. We have become "the go to" studio because of our exposure to Indian weddings. Our wide range of experiences are marked by excellence and trust.

People don't spend more at LK PHOTOGAPHY CHENNAI—they receive more instead! The value we provide to our consumers is always great and far exceeds their investment! accessible for Indian weddings everywhere. Additionally weddings and events in CHENNAI, Arni, Vellore, Arcot, and Thiruvanamalai.


Capturing the most beautiful moments of your life is what we do best whether you are sharing your ceremony vows, birthday events, pre and post wedding, saree and dhoti functions, or any special events, we are committed to a personal and enjoyable experience with you.

Chennai Iyer Wedding Photographer

Using cutting-edge current digital equipment and techniques, our wedding photographers have captured priceless memories of once-in-a-lifetime moments. With cinematic weddings, wedding teasers/highlights, pre-wedding photoshoots, wedding videos, destination weddings, outdoor shoots, baby shower photography, baby photography, maternity photography, and coverage of corporate events, we have additionally established our credibility.

Prewedding Shoot in chennai
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