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How Old is Too Old for a Baby to Get New born Photos

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

During their first year of life, your brand-new baby will reach so many amazing milestones! There are some particular milestones that are the ideal time to record your expanding family if you are thinking about having professional baby photos taken. The optimal time to schedule your baby's photo session can be determined using these new born milestone ages. We've produced the following guide based on our over 5 years of professional experience photographing new borns, babies, and families, and it includes my recommendations on the best ages for a portrait photography session to commemorate your baby's first year of life.

Therefore, theoretically, for older new borns and children, it's never too late to organise a professional photographic session. But really, there are different factors to take into account at each stage of a baby's development.

Instead of asking yourself, "How late is too late...?" when planning your new born or infant photography session, it is preferable to ask yourself, "What does each week- or month- contribute to the experience?"

Welcome to the world, new born.

Over the past ten years, new born baby photography has experienced tremendous growth in popularity. Families are increasingly hiring a photographer at this point to capture these priceless first few days in stunning, everlasting photos.

The early hours pass quickly in a fog of happiness and exhaustion. It is wonderful to have photos of your child that you can look back on to remember how small they once were. They will have expanded so much even after a week.

An infant's milk-drunk sleep or those elusive first attempts at a smile may be captured during new born photo sessions. As you interact as parents and watch your child grow, those moments will be captured on camera.

We simply take pictures of your baby as they are: a small human being held close by their loving parents. We don't use props, stage complicated poses, or spend hours editing photos in Photoshop after the fact. They don't stress about getting their fingers "exactly so," and they don't strike perfect poses in unnatural angles.

So many memories will be preserved in these images. You can relive life as it was lived during these historic early days by looking at images taken in your home. If the weather is cooperative, you can take pictures of your first trip to the neighbourhood park, which will eventually become a family favourite.

When your baby is still young and tiny, within the first two weeks, is the greatest time to snap new born images. The top photographers will accommodate the demands of the infant to make sessions joyful and stress-free for everyone. They frequently require hour-long feeds, but this is not an issue for us. There is never any because we just do one session every day.

It's ideal to reserve a date before the birth of your baby because the window for new born sessions is so small. The days 4-6 are ideal. It should be simple to reschedule with your photographer if your child is born early or late. We always try to be flexible while baby chooses the day of their arrival.

It is preferable to hold off on hiring a professional photographer for a little bit longer if you are unable to schedule a session before the 3-4 week mark.

12–16 weeks of age: the first grins.

12-16 weeks can be an excellent alternative if you'd want images of your child when they're still very young but more awake than during a new born shoot, when some babies do nothing but slumber.

We may get those precious first grins and the hypnotic sparkle in their eyes by scheduling our sessions around their naps, whether they are regular or irregular.

We advise waiting till your infant can hold their head up steadily while resting on their tummy when deciding when is the optimum age to photograph them. Since they don't need to be held or forced to lie on their backs, there are a lot more options for photographs as a result. The ideal time for a photo shoot is typically between 12 and 16 weeks because children acquire neck strength at varying rates.

When you work with us, these sessions are informal and are structured like stories about your loved ones spending time at home and in other favourite locations. You might choose to nurse in a certain chair or play your favourite game on your bed. You should capture these commonplace events in your photos since you'll want to remember them.

The timeless quality of beautiful black-and-white photos ensures that your child will be proud to show them off when they are an adult. You'll smile and chuckle at genuine situations, real reactions, and real encounters. This is the main focus.

Age 6 to 8 months: seated upright.

Simply said, a baby at this age is a photographer's dream: content, smiling, and sitting up but not yet moving. It's a great time to take pictures of babies, and oddly, before new born photography gained popularity, this was the most typical age to take pictures of infants.

Once your baby is sitting up, there are a tonne of photo chances, and you can obtain an incredible diversity of shots. Your child still resembles a baby, complete with squiggly limbs and heavenly baby cuddles. When they stand up, everything will change so quickly!

All their favourite activities, like splashing in the tub, rolling about on your bed, and playing with a favourite toy, will be captured in unforced, unhurried sessions.

Their tiny fingers and toes are on display indoors, allowing you to see how tiny they are (or are being clutched and bitten, which is so lovely when young children discover their toes for the first time). Outside, you may observe their interest in the world around them, as they marvel at canines in parks or savour the utmost joy a swing can provide.

A year old. Birthday greetings!

Your child is now one year old and ready to celebrate their first birthday. These photo shootings are centred on love, humour, and enjoyment. Their character and sense of humour come out clearly.

If your baby enjoys the swings or feeding the ducks, going outside will give your photos a new perspective. LK Photography finds it amazing how curious babies are. They want to go outside and discover new things, like leaves to study or bubbles to clap in glee at.

You can document your baby's first year at various sessions if you're having trouble deciding when is the perfect time to take pictures of him or her. It's a fantastic long-term investment.

When you review the collection of pictures, you'll be astounded by how small they actually were. Look at his/her tiny teeth that are erupting! They never left the house without that teddy!

Giving your child this amazing present will be something you all cherish forever.

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