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Inspirational Pre/Post-Wedding Photo Ideas

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

For your pre-wedding photo shoot, do you have any plans to create a stunning set of portraits? Or perhaps you'd want to look into some creative yet simple post-wedding photo ideas? You may expect something from us soon!

We were able to hand-pick top 8 incredible pre/post-wedding photoshoot ideas for your pre/post wedding photoshoots in Chennai. Our selection is full of photo ideas and backdrop settings that you may try for creating something meaningful, from traditional editorial approaches to huge vacation aesthetics! Grab your preferred coffee and come enjoy a little visual treat with us!

1) The aesthetics and streetscapes

Your favourite photographers might transform a routine evening stroll with your lover into something exciting! We are referring to recording your pre- or post-wedding moments in the security of well-known urban settings. As a point of interest, a popular pre-wedding shot concept for the wedding season of 2022 is couple portraiture in eccentric Indian streets!

There is a tonne of options, from massive pastel walls and interesting architectural features to calming tropical themes and inviting historic features! It's interesting to note that, ten years after dominating the best pre-wedding shot ideas, pastel backdrops and vibrant colour schemes are still popular.

2) Editorial Design

Who doesn't enjoy elegant editorial designs for wedding pre- or post-shoots? There are plenty of spotless seamless backdrops and simple decor items to take some killer candid photos and couple shots. Undoubtedly, the shooting style has a significant impact on your finished product.

Indoor editorial shoots can be used to direct some "au naturel" close-ups and couple portrait positions as opposed to the streetscapes and outdoor locations we just mentioned. Additionally, your creative team must furnish the chosen photo studio with the right items if you want to go big and colourful.

3) The Holiday Edit

For those of you who adore traditional Indian holidays, styling your post- or pre-wedding shoot in a festive theme is a fantastic option. You can choose your clothes based on the cultural fashions of the festival you prefer. And you can increase your detailed game or keep it low-key depending on your preferences. When working with a theme, don't forget to include your favourite festive aspects as well, whether they be locally produced flowers or comfort food.

4) The Way of Nature

The most priceless pre-wedding memory of your life might be taking your sweetheart on a barefoot stroll in a wet grassy area while holding hands. A little post-wedding retreat in nature is incredibly healing and exhilarating.

For this nature-themed pre-wedding shoot idea, hill stations and emerald valleys are ideal locations. The green areas of your hometown are also. It's obviously past time for you to reduce your wedding anxiety with your lovely observations of nature. May it calm your frazzled nerves and fill your pre- or post-wedding photo shoots with joy and life!

5) Dance Away

Why not perform a hot dance number? You can choose a chosen pair dancing style for your session, such as exquisite salsa dances or delicate Kathak steps. Additionally, the method must be innovative, such as a theatrical performance, or spontaneous, such as a partner dance party.

Curating pre-wedding picture shoots with a dancing theme may be fairly exciting given the rush of excitement and the flexibility of the photo shoot itself. The first dance waltz and lehenga twirls are unquestionably two of the most well-known pair dance stances for pictures, particularly in pre- and post-wedding sessions.

6) Relaxing Beach Edit

According to the pre-wedding picture trends for 2022, beach portrait sessions can sound a little cliché. Instead, how about putting together a picture story using simple, monochromatic attire and carefree poses? Obviously, over-detailing could make your beach photos unusable.

The secret to capturing carefree beach photographs to remember your date night is to keep things simple.However, pre-wedding celebrity pictures and Instagram spotting are continuously stealing our hearts with their bohemian flair. Additionally, eschewing the traditional wide-angle lenses in favour of something fresh and daring will help you achieve something truly exceptional. Your beach photo shoot will always be perfect and distinctive in this way!

7) The Picnic Date

Cottage's signature picnic dates and chic pre-wedding events are very popular on Instagram. We adore bamboo fruit baskets, red and white checkered throws, and picnic outfits. This theme is ideal for the antique photography enthusiast in you whether you want to shoot inside or outside.

Who wouldn't enjoy creating a DIY Cottage core background in only five minutes for the best season's wedding photos? Undoubtedly, the most amazing visual experience ever might be had during a simple picnic that was put up in a meadow or close to a cliff home and accompanied by the sound of breaking waves. Having shivers already?

8) A Beautiful View of the Past

Heritage buildings are the ideal locations for your couple portrait session if you enjoy traditional architecture. To emphasise, there are endless venue suggestions for you to express your appreciation of architecture. Before choosing a location, consider a variety of choices, such as historical palaces, performance galleries, museums, and old towns.

This post-wedding documentation may provide you with yet another exotic experience similar to a destination wedding by allowing you to take in the history of real Indian traditional architecture. Once you've chosen an aesthetic, be sure to carefully handpick your clothes. You should style the photo shoot accordingly.

The bottom line

We hope you enjoyed browsing the top pre/post wedding shoot concepts in the upcoming 2023 pre/post wedding shoot trends. The season's top picks have been filtered; we've made sure of that. In 2023, pre- and post-wedding photography will have its greatest popularity yet.

Undoubtedly, the wedding industry never ceases to captivate us with its innovative conceptual ideas for photoshoots and spontaneous events. We all agree that we would prefer something different, enjoyable, and stress-free to the conventional styled frantic shoot schedules for already anxious soon-to-be-weds. Our top ranking photographic shoots should have motivated and inspired you.

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