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What to do if bad weather prevents your wedding photo shoot

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Whether it's raining or snowing, taking stunning wedding photos is where the real thrill is! Typically, we would avoid inclement weather and would rather spend time inside than outside in the rain. As a talented wedding photographer, though, the rain and snow can present some incredible opportunities that aren't typically present on dry or sunny days.

Ask your wedding photographer if they have any prior experience photographing rainy weddings if you're worried about the weather on your wedding day. Seeing some examples of their prior wet and rainy-day wedding images will ease your concerns. Unbelievably, a downpour is the most photogenic type of rain to experience on your wedding day and is also the nicest kind of rain you can encounter. Therefore, if it rains a little on your wedding morning, don't be scared to count your blessings because it could make for some beautiful wedding photos.

Top 10 suggestions for preparing for and utilising rain on your wedding day:

1. Always have a backup umbrella handy; most seasoned wedding photographers will have at least one umbrella that works well for photos. These are typically white or cream to avoid adding colour casts to your photographs and to give them a vibrant, funky appearance. Multi-coloured or coordinated umbrellas look fantastic when used with bridal party wedding photographs.

2. Be ready for anything; the weather is unpredictable, so enjoy your wedding day as it unfolds. It takes courage to choose to embrace bad weather, but the results are magnificent wedding photos. Just keep smiling and laughing when covered by the umbrella.

3. Nevertheless, don't be alarmed; if the weather truly deteriorates, there is always the alternative of having the wedding photographs done indoors. In order to capture stunning wedding photos of you two and your wedding guests, a skilled wedding photographer will always have a plan B (and possibly even C and D). In order to give the greatest wedding possible on a wet or mixed-weather wedding day, we will have several plans that change throughout the day.

4. If your wedding is taking place during a colder season, don't be afraid to add a jacket or wrap to your outfit. You'll stay warm and look fantastic in wedding photos wearing it.

5. Bring a spare pair of shoes. If you're concerned about damaging your special footwear, have a pair of flats or wellies close by. Additionally, it will make navigating slick or soft terrain simpler. Consider using heel guards to help you walk on the grass or even deep carpet if wearing deadly heels is your thing.

6. If it starts to rain, ask a bridesmaid or the best man to carry your umbrella or pass out extra coats.

7. If it's going to be chilly on your wedding day, pretend you're enjoying Pina Coladas on a tropical beach. For a lifetime of beautiful wedding photos, it's worth a few minutes of exchanging body heat outside. Make sure you smile in your wedding photos because you won't forget the rain or the chilly weather on your wedding day.

8. A spare pair of shoes for the grooms on a snowy or rainy wedding day is ideal, but if that is not practicable, a pair of dry socks for the evening will be very helpful.

9. When selecting your wedding site, consider indoor options for wet weather. Not all venues provide the best options if the weather suddenly changes. During venue visits, inquire about wet weather weddings with the wedding coordinator and confirm that there is enough room and appropriate locations for your drinks reception and group wedding photos.

10. Avoid depending on any weather forecast that is more than 48 hours out, no matter how alluring it may be to examine the long-range forecast! Enjoy the day and be prepared for the weather just in case.

Always be prepared for rain; Chennai’s weather is unpredictable, so just go with the flow. Don't worry about the weather; you and your wedding guests will enjoy yourself anyway.

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